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Week 5/25 - 5/31

Bill Would Allow Local Groundwater Management - Sacramento Bee

California's Drought Takes Center Stage in D.C. - SF Gate

California's Flawed Water System Allowed 4,000 to Thrive While Others Conserve - Denver Post

Week 5/18 - 5/24

California Drought Will Cost Thousands of Farm Jobs - Reuters

California Drought Costs Central Valley $2 Billion - Fresno Bee

Water Depletion in California 'May Be Increasing Change of Earthquakes' - The Guardian

Water Shortages Force California Almond Growers to Make Tough, Costly Choices - Modesto Bee

Rethinking California's Urban Landscapes: Making an Oroville-sized Change - Maven's Notebook

California Drought Losses Half of Estimate on Groundwater - Bloomberg News

Week 5/11 - 5/17

All of California in Severe Drought for First Time This Century - USA Today

House, Senate Unveil Water Project Bill Compromise - Associated Press

California Drought Hits Capitol Park - Sacramento Bee

Drought's Latest Effect? Sacramento Valley Farmers Fallow Rice Land - Sacramento Bee

Judge Rejects Environmental Challenges to Mojave Groundwater Project - Los Angeles Times

Water Saving Measures Across the West - Associated Press

Week 5/4 - 5/10

5 Dramatic Ways California Is Tacking Drought - National Geographic

Little Help For A Million Californians On Wells in Historic Drought - Reuters

California Drought: El Niño Probability Raised to 78 Percent for Next Winter - Mercury News

California Drought: Plan Would Reverse Aqueduct Flow To Send Water Back to Farms - The Mercury News

Report on Sinking Groundwater Makes Statewide Case for New Rules - Fresno Bee

Water Levels Dropping, Fresno Weans Itself From Groundwater - Circle of Blue

Drought Wreaks Havoc On Almond Growers As Water Prices Skyrocket - Capital Radio News 

Most of California Groundwater Tables at All-Time Lows - Circle of Blue

California Final Snow Survey Comes Up Dry - The Farm Press

Week 4/27 - 5/3

Drought Likely to Push Up Prices of Lettuce, Avocados, Grapes and Broccoli the Most - Los Angeles Times

Final Measurement of Season Shows CA Snowpack at 18 Percent of Average - NBC Los Angeles

California Drought: Sierra Snowpack is Barely There - SF Gate

Groundwater is at Historic Low Levels Throughout California - Modesto Bee

California Rethinking Groundwater - The Desert Sun

Capitol Alert: California Water Fight in Flux - Sacramento Bee

Why California Groundwater Policy Must Change - The Valley Citizen

California Governor's Third Drought Order Sets New Water Rules, Requirements - Circle of Blue

Gov. Brown Orders More Emergency Drought Measures - Sacramento Bee

Press Release: Season's Final Snow Survery Scheduled for Thursday, Low Readings Expected - California DWR

Gov. Jerry Brown Issues New Executive Order on Drought - Los Angeles Times

Commentary: Disbelief in Water Allocations and Lessons the State Should Learn - Sacramento Bee

California Drought Putting Fish, Birds and Tree Species at Risk - Sacramento Bee

Week 4/20 - 4/26

State Water Project to Make Small Deliveries This Year - Los Angeles Times

California Edging Closer to Regulating Groundwater for the First Time - KQED Science

Editorial: Feinstein Bill Risks Further Damage to Delta - San Jose Mercury News

California Drought: Food Banks Drying Up Too - SF Gate

California Farmers to Get More Water - Associated Press

Week 4/13 - 4/19

Poll: Californians Disagree On Reasons for Water Storage - Capital Public Radio

Unlikely Partnerships Spring from California Water Crisis - NPR

California Suffers Astonishingly Fast Snowpack Melt As Drought Intensifies - Mashable 

Water Q&A: How is the Drought Affecting Hydroelectric Production? - Sacramento Bee

Q&A: What Are Farmers Required To Do Immediately To Reduce Water Use - Sacramento Bee

California Drought Spawns Well Drilling Room - Associated Press

California Needs Overdraft Protection For Its Dwindling Groundwater Supplies - Sacramento Bee

Week 4/6 - 4/12

Latest State Drought Plan Eases Standards for Delta - RecordNet

Drought-Stricken Southern California Could Get More Water, Regulators Say - Los Angeles Daily News

Editorial: California Should Embrace Breakthrough On Groundwater Protection - San Jose Mercury

OIl and Water Mix Well for Kern County Agriculture - Western Farm Press

California Drought: Feinstein Pressure Helps Farms Over Fish - SF Gate

Drought's No.1 Lesson: Modernize Water Management - UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences

Raise a Glass: Drought Not Disrupting California Wine (Yet) - Al Jazeera America

Looking Back at El Niño and Sierra Snowpack - Fresno Bee

California Drought: Preparation, Conservation Help Some Businesses Profit - San Bernadino Sun

Coping With California's Water Future Will Require a Sea Change in Perspective - The Huffington Post

California Drought Puzzle: Store or Conserve More Water? - SF Gate

For San Joaquin River Revival, Drought Becomes Way of Life - Frenso Bee

Green Hills Do Little for Drought-Stressed Ranchers - The Modesto Bee

Week 3/30 - 4/5

Economists: California Drought Economic Impact To Be Minor - Associated Press 

Despite Recent Storms, California Snowpack Disappoints - Farm Press

Drought Bill Targets Homeowner Association Rules - SF Gate

Feinstein's Revised California Water Bill Designed to Woo GOP - Fresno Bee

California Snow Levels Improve, But Remain Below Normal - Los Angeles Times

Drought's Not Over Yet: California Storms Improve Sierra Snowpack, But It Remains Low - San Jose Mercury News

Drought in California May Hinder Job Growth for Years - Los Angeles Times

Drought Prompts Some In Sacramento Area to Rethink Lawns As Landscaping Norm - The Sacramento Bee

California Mountain Snowpack Likely to Receive a Failing Mark Tomorrow - Circle of Blue

Week 3/23 - 3/29

Who Should Get Water Deliveries Divides California Lawmakers - McClatchy DC

Water Scarcity Drives U.S. Communities Toward Smarter Use, Recycling - Bloomberg News

Silicon Valley Cities and Farms Hit With Water Cutbacks - San Jose Mercury News

As Wet As It Gets: No 'Miracle March' - Press Democrat

California Focuses on Dams and California's Drought - Associated Press

California Drought: Central Valley Farmland On Its Last Legs - SF Gate

The Conversation: A Farmer's Perspective On Groundwater - The Sacramento Bee

Senator Barbara Boxer at Water Symposium: 'Water Wars Have Got To End' - The Desert Sun

Understanding Water Use in California and the Sacramento Valley - Northern California Water Association

Op-Ed: So Many Ideas, So Little Progress in Addressing Drought - The Fresno Bee

Week 3/16 - 3/22

Radio Transcript: Governor Jerry Brown Talks Water, Budget and High Speed Rail - Maven's Notebook

Agriculture Forecast: San Joaquin Valley's Major Crops Surviving Despite Drought - Fresno Bee

Coachella Valley Water District, Desert Water Agency Spotlight Groundwater - The Desert Sun

California Drought: Ray of Hope in Fish vs. Farms Dispute - SF Gate

California Water and Drought Legislation - Be Water Blog

Could California Drought Be 'Katrina' Moment? - Farm Press

How California's Drought is Changing Organic Milk and Honey - San Jose Mercury

Expert: Valley Must Join in Solution to Water Decline in California - The Desert Sun

California to Ease Water Restrictions in Move to Help Farmers - Reuters

What California Can Learn, 'Transformational' Water Reforms Helped Australia Endure Historic Drought - Circle of Blue

Governor Brown, Legislature Push Groundwater Regulation - Cal Watchdog

North Valley Farmers May Sue For More Water: Growers Say Feds Have Violated Contract - KCRA

Drought Expected to Idle 800,000 Acres - Manteca Bulletin

Food Prices Surge as Drought Exacts a High Toll on Crops - Wall Street Journal

California Drought: Strife Over Groundwater Boils Over - SF Gate

Groundwater at the Delta Stewardship Council - Maven's Notebook

Reps. Napolitano, Hanabusa Introduce Secure Water Act Reauthorization - Press Release

California Soil Toxins Worsened By Drought - Farm Press

Week 3/9 - 3/15

Letters From LA: Drought Seems Far Away - USA Today

In Drought-Stricken California, Court Rules Smelt Fish Gets Water - Reuters

Report Highlights Key Gaps in California Water Funding - Be Water, My Friend

Press Release: Southern California Representatives Respond to Drought, Offer Solutions - Rep. Grace Napolitano

Water Clock Ticking for California Growers - Farm Press

Farm to Fork: California Drought to Drive Up Food Prices In The Long-Term - Mercury News

California Officials to Dam Delta Channels If Drought Persists - Sacramento Bee

'Nobody's going to get the amount of water they are hoping for.." - Record Net

Lawmakers Get Disturbing Picture of Status of Groundwater - Capital Public Radio

California Drought: Authorities Struggle to Impose Water Conservation Measures - The Guardian

In Parched California, Town Taps Run Nearly Dry - The New York Times

Op-Ed: Some Ideas for Regulations on Groundwater - The Modesto Bee

What the Drought Will Mean in Rice Country - Northern California Water Association

Severity of Past Drought Quantified in New Report - California Department of Water Resources

State and Federal Agencies Evaluate New Drought Contingency Plan to Help Commercial Fishing - California Department of Fish & Wildlife

California Drought Affecting Grocery Prices in Alabama - Associated Press

California Enters Extended Dry Period As High Pressure Builds; Summer-Like Temps - Maven's Notebook

Week 3/2 - 3/8

Recent California Rain and Snow Too Little, Too Late -

Peter Gleick: Clarifying the Discussion about California Drought and Climate Change - Circle of Blue

California Drought: Orange County Expands 'Toilet to Tap' Water Recycling - KPCC 

Even After the Floods, the Drought Continues - NPR 

A Climate Scientist Clarifies the Science Behind California's Extreme Drought - NY Times DotEarth (Andy Revkin)

The California Drought: Is This the Big One? - EcoShock


Drought Cure? California Farmers Hire Dowsers - The Salt Lake Tribune

Drought Q&A: Why Can't We Transport Snow From the East Coast to California? - The Sacramento Bee

Obama Science Advisor John Holdren Schools Political Scientist Roger Pielke on Climate and Drought - ThinkProgress

Week 2/23 - 3/1

Severe Drought? California Has Been Here Before - The Los Angeles Times

Taking the Science of Drought to Capitol Hill - KPCC

American Aqueduct: The Great California Water Saga - The Atlantic

NASA Turns Research to California Drought -

Stanford Scientists Investigate Worst Drought in California's History - Stanford News

California Drought: Snowpack Grows, But Not Enough - SF Gate

Drought Rekindles Farmers' Interest in Drip Irrigation - ANR News Blog

Week 2/16 - 2/22

Water Expert Panel Discusses Causes and Implications of California Drought - Circle of Blue

Days of Desiccation - The New York Times

Satellite Research Brings New Perspective on Drought - BeWaterBlog

Op-Ed: Just How Bad is California's Epic Drought? - TakePart

Week 2/2 - 2/8

Total California Water Storage Near Decade Low - Capital Public Radio

California Drought a 'Train Wreck' for Central Valley Farms - SF Gate

Why Global Water Shortages Pose Threat of Terror and War, From California to the Middle East - The Guardian


Putting the Recent Storms into Perspective: 



California Drought Animated Infographic - Watch the Drought Form Through the Years: 

Animation © Aubrey Ann Parker / Circle of Blue. Images courtesy Drought Monitor.
Why the California Drought Will Affect the Entire Country:
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