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Last Call at the Oasis - Special Screening

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The University of California Center for Hydrologic Modeling
and the UCI School of Physical Sciences 

invite you to a special pre-screening of the documentary


featuring appearances by UCI Professor Jay Famiglietti and his research group

Special Guest: Academy-Award nominated producer Elise Pearlstein

By invitation only

Please RSVP by April 13, 2012



Friday, April 20, 2012

Arnold and Mabel 
of the National Academies of
Sciences and Engineering
100 Academy
Irvine, CA 92617

4:00 pm - Reception, Fountain Courtyard

5:00 pm - Screening of Last Call at the Oasis, Auditorium
            Introduction: Professor Jay Famiglietti
                  Q&A with Jay Famiglietti & Elise Pearlstein

7:00-7:30 pm - Reception, Fountain Courtyard

7:30-9:00 pm - Dinner, Atrium

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Participant Media, the company that has illuminated such issues as climate change, the industrialization of food and the state of public education in the U.S. with its ground-breaking documentaries An Inconvenient Truth, Food, Inc., and Waiting for “Superman,” turns its attention to the global water crisis in LAST CALL AT THE OASIS.  With Academy Award-winning director Jessica Yu (Breathing Lessons: The Life and Work of Mark O’Brien) and Academy Award-nominated producer Elise Pearlstein (Food, Inc.), LAST CALL AT THE OASIS sheds light on the vital role water plays in our lives, exposes the defects in the current system, shows communities already struggling with its ill-effects and introduces us to individuals who are championing revolutionary solutions.  It also presents a convincing argument for why the global water crisis will be the central issue facing our world this century. 

The filmmakers explore the issue from the standpoint of both quantity and quality, with insight from University of California, Irvine earth science professor Jay Famiglietti, University of Arizona law professor Robert Glennon, author of Unquenchable, Scripps Institute researcher Tim Barnett, the Pacific Institute’s Peter Gleick, and writer Alex Prud’homme, whose manuscript for the book The Ripple Effect served as an early resource. We see how because of overuse, population burdens and climate change, our water supplies are no longer being replenished. It is also revealed how the issue of water cannot be approached without understanding its connection to everything else, from the food we eat to the clothes we wear to the electricity we depend on. 
Watch the trailer:

LAST CALL AT THE OASIS will be in select theaters on May 4, 2012. 
May 4 - New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, D.C.
May 11 - Phoenix, Chicago, Austin, Boston, Las Vegas, San Diego, Seattle, Denver
May 18 - Dallas, Portland, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Houston, Philadelphia
May 25 - Detroit, Sacramento
Although it covers 70 percent of the earth’s surface, there is a very real possibility that in the near future, there won’t be enough water to sustain life on the planet. 
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Not only is there a looming water shortage, but nearly all of the so called “fresh” water we do have is contaminated by chemicals, many of which cause cancer, birth defects and a variety of other horrific diseases thanks to irresponsible industrial practices, EPA approval of chemicals without thorough testing and a lack of pharmaceutical filtration. Jessica Yu's new doc pulls back the veil on a little talked about problem that is literally apocalyptic is scope. Things are looking bad folks, but before we can change things we as a society must acknowledge the problem, or, in the words of Jay Famiglietti, a hydology scientist working with NASA, “We're screwed.” Read more
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